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  1. The Affair: A True story 9

    Her: Itís been a long time.
    Him: It has.

    Her: Well how are you?

    Him: Fine. But you? How are you?

    Her: Iím good.

    Him: Are you going toÖ

    Her: Make a drink?

    Him: Yes.

    Her: Your favourite?

    Him: Just like old times!

    Her: Look, Iím seeing someone else.

    Him: No sugar.
  2. Aggression and disallusionment

    Is it just me? Maybe it is, although I don't think so. I'm finding, much to my dismay, that I'm becoming the focus of aggression, although people that know me say I'm a gentle person. I'm kind to animals and patient with children, so what's going on?

    This week, I've been verbally attacked in my doctor's reception area over a question of car parking, not once, but twice! There are two spaces outside the doctor's surgery and I parked my car in one of them. It was first thing in ...
  3. And then there was one!

    Have you had this very strange feeling that there are loads of people around you and then, suddenly, you find that you are entirely on your own?

    Recently, I've had quite a few X-rays done . . . teeth, and yesterday, a mammogram. 'Hold this plate tightly in the side of your mouth with your forefinger,' says the dentist, and while I'm in extreme discomfort, the nurse and dentist make a dash behind the screen and I'm left in the firing line! It's a really out of body experience, and ...
  4. Great.

  5. The Party Shop

    Have you ever visited a party shop, a really big one, I mean? I did, today, and it's like being in a parallel universe!

    To start off with, the girl behind the counter was most strange. I expect it's from working in this fantasy environment day after day that's made her like she is. Her hair was all colours of the rainbow and she was wearing, which I can only describe, as a tutu; a little ballet skirt. Possibly she'd just rushed to work from a ballet lesson and hadn't had time ...
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