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  1. discreet meetups

    how many of you prefer this way.. why..??
  2. It's just one of those days!

    Am I unique, or what? Things happen to me, and I wonder if any of you suffer the same way from it being 'Just one of those days?

    What's brought all this on, I hear you ask? Well, the latest thing that's happened is that we have the nearest thing to bats in the belfrey, only they're not bats, but birds, baby birds, and they are not in the belfrey, but in the eaves of our roof. Not so terrible, you may think, but it is really, because we're having the outside of the house redecorated, ...
  3. Infidelity or Lifestyle?

    If you meet a lover through an adultery site such as this, fall in love and get married, and there have been several such couplings from you then assume, I wonder, that you will remain faithful as you assumed all those years ago when you married first time around?
    Or are you wiser than you were then, and assume that at some point in the future one or other or both of you will seek other partners again?
    And if so is the format likely to be similar, inasmuchas you will lie ...
  4. The dance medal test

    I inched in to the hall, like 'a snail going to school.'

    The others were sitting in a side room dressed in their dancing finery awaiting their turn. We were a motley collection of humanity in that hot, sunny room. There was a large lady with a loud voice, and her well endowed daughter; one curly headed boy, who I guessed was probably the boyfriend of a waif looking fair hair girl, who looked terribly anxious. On the other side of the room was woman dressed in, what I can only ...
  5. The Affair: A True story 9

    Her: Itís been a long time.
    Him: It has.

    Her: Well how are you?

    Him: Fine. But you? How are you?

    Her: Iím good.

    Him: Are you going toÖ

    Her: Make a drink?

    Him: Yes.

    Her: Your favourite?

    Him: Just like old times!

    Her: Look, Iím seeing someone else.

    Him: No sugar.
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